Monday, April 30, 2012

A Year Of Blogging

Vera is sitting in her room. She is just back from a trip to Wiesbaden where so many pictures were taken that are worth sharing. At least, she thinks so.
At the moment she is obsessed with some of the popular blogs but actually knows nothing about blogging, she doesn’t even know that it’s free. The blogosphere seems to be a parallel universe, a whole other world. Having a blog seems to be attractive though… So, why not to…?

Ok, to make a long story short, it’s been a year now since I started this blog but it feels like… (Warning: banality) …it feels like it was just yesterday. Time flies...
At first this blog was all about sharing random pictures which had no artistic value at all and my English was poor, really poor; you can’t even imagine how terrible it was. Later I got used to writing short descriptions of my pictures as I was reasonable enough to understand that without them my blog would be absolutely uninteresting. Little by little I came to love writing in English, I came to love this beautiful language. Not because it is international but because it’s truly wonderful.

I’m almost proud of having written so many posts during this year; I never thought I could share my inner thoughts with someone else but all of you were so understanding, so supportive… Your stories, your sincerity encouraged me to share my own experiences and I remain utterly grateful to all of you, you are amazingly kind, I wish I could be just as kind as you are. Thank you, guys!

You helped me to realize that the number of followers doesn’t really matter as long as some of you support me just like we are close friends. Wait, we have already become friends, haven’t we?...

Have a nice day,


Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Wish It Was Caturday

I had an amazing day spent in the countryside, that was so great! Actually I went there just because I wanted to take some new pictures of cats but they all had become so wild during the winter, wild and totally distrustful.
"Hey, kitties, don,t you remember me? Don,t you remember my camera? I won,t do you any harm, look, I,m so kind, I just want to snap some shots..." Click! All the cats ran away..
Ok, I failed to take cat pictures this time, let,s hope I,ll meet the ones that are more cooperative in the nearest future.

Luckily, later I met this little fella who brightened my day by letting me take pictures of him, isn,t this dog super cute?

Have a nice day,