Sunday, March 18, 2012

When Time Is Gone

It,s getting warmer and warmer and the snow started to melt. Obviously, it means that the spring has come ( logic ), what is more, it means that April is approaching. The April that I,m not flying to Wiesbaden.
I never expected this spring to be so bittersweet. I,ve been constantly embraced with nostalgic mood lately. All the sudden flashbacks make me wistful. It,s hard to accept the fact that time is gone forever and nothing can take me back. Things won,t ever be the same. I know it, but it,s still unbelievable. People say we always idolize the past even if it didn,t use to be that wonderful, but how can I do that if the time spent in Wiesbaden is simply perfect, without exaggeration? Actually, I love nostalgia: it,s painful yet fascinating and if I stopped feeling this way all of a sudden, I would think I,m insensible.

To me nostalgia is often a synonym for gratitude and I,m more than grateful to the people who I met in Wiesbaden. I won,t deny feeling a bit offended sometimes as being enough realistic I understand that evidently my friends don,t think back to that time spent together as often as I do, but I don,t have any rights to judge them, it,s totally egotistical to think this way.
Of course, I knew long ago that I wouldn,t take part in the exchange this year but didn,t expect this spring to be so difficult to go through. I don,t envy those who are lucky to visit my favorite places next month, I just...want to go too! Heh, one can dream, right? And that,s exactly what I,m doing all the time.

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