Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hi, there!
You,ll never believe: it snows right now and has been snowing all the day! Ahh, I can,t wait for spring to come...
Below you,ll find some tips to overcome shyness, and in case you are not shy ( lucky you!) I hope you,ll come to understand me.

picture taken in august

Since this is a personal blog, I’m here to decide what to share with you and what to leave behind the scenes, so to say.
When I got into blogging, I didn’t think I would ever share my innermost thoughts but more and more often I feel the need to. I’m not brave enough to keep all the thoughts to myself, it’s crazy. Besides, after I had posted some texts about Wiesbaden, I feel like nothing is too personal, like I can talk about everything.
You might have already guessed that I’m a fairly shy person and I don’t see any reasons to hide it. Shyness is not necessarily good or bad; this is the quality, which has both advantages and disadvantages, but this is the aspect of my personality and I have nothing else to do but to accept it.
I used to hate myself for being shy, and that was the biggest mistake. You can’t be happy if you hate yourself: self-loathing never leads to positive results, it only leads to depression and low self-esteem. One can end up thinking he/she doesn’t deserve love and happiness.
If you tell yourself that you are hopeless – you lose. It’s risky. You may never overcome your fears if you think it’s impossible.
There is no use of blaming on society, as it will never change. Everyone is judged and criticized, and people often think shyness is the same as weakness, but in fact this is the quality, which can make you stronger.
It’s very easy. You have to accept your shyness instead of constantly fighting it. Make shyness a friend, not an enemy. I started with telling myself every day that it is the greatest gift I’m given, that it is precious. After some time I realized that accepting shyness is the best way to overcome it. While fighting it you fight with yourself, and it only causes the lack of self-confidence.
I’m shy, so why should I pretend I’m not? The worst thing is pretending to be someone you are not; it’s a complete waste of time. When you pretend you lie to yourself, not to others, because they still notice how uneasy and stressed you are.
Shyness can impair one’s life by preventing from doing all the enjoyable stuff, and the next step in overcoming it is to start doing things you never dreamed you would. This is a challenging task indeed; it takes time and effort but gives valuable experience in return. I personally often force myself to do this or that, as this is the only way for me to achieve something and I know I will be happy and satisfied afterwards; it gives me a sense of personal fulfillment. This must be the advantage of being shy: simple things and small achievements give you pleasure and you come to appreciate all the simple joys in life.
Little by little, most of the fears will go away, but you are not supposed to overcome shyness completely. Actually all people are somewhat shy and they’re ok with that. Smile and stop thinking like a victim; you are the only one responsible for your life, so don’t let fears take over it and stop you from achieving dreams and goals.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sorry for my long absence, life has been crazy lately. I have a hundred and one things to do and am very busy with that endless studies...

It,s freezingly cold outside these days and such weather makes taking pictures nearly impossible, therefore I haven,t taken any new ones yet. Maybe taking such a break will help me to overcome creative block. You know, there is actually not so much interesting to photograph in winter, as all lovely kitties prefer to stay at home and sleep, sweet creatures... :)

Here are the pictures which my father took in spring using a film camera, hehe, sorry for bothering you :)
By the way, I,m planning to start writing a new text but I haven,t decided yet what to tell you about, I,ve got lots of different thoughts but can,t decide what,s most important.

Have a nice day,

Saturday, February 4, 2012


What do you think about this new "about me" page? :)

Hi, there!
I,m Vera, a 16 year old girl, cat lover and crazy photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia.

I love capturing the world around me and I,m here to share my photographs and get inspired by other bloggers. 

I take all my pictures using a Canon 550d + 50mm lens and I absolutely love it, as I,m hopelessly addicted to bokeh :)
As you have probably noticed, I,m mainly focused on cat photography. Why cats? I don,t know, it came to me very naturally and I never had any doubts about it. 
I shoot in natural light only and, for those wondering, I never edit my pictures. Firstly, I like to think I,m a photographer, not a Photoshop user, and enjoy shooting in manual mode. Secondly, I,m way too lazy to learn how to use Photoshop or whatever properly and I always spoil pictures if I try to. 

I have been learning English for 10 years already, but my writing still leaves much to be desired. Blogging is a great way to improve English skills and I have made some progress, but, anyway, please, feel free to correct me when necessary. 

Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate it :) 

Have a great weekend,