Thursday, January 5, 2012

I,m currently going through the time when everything I create seems to be boring, when I want to erase everything and start from the very beginning. It,s not even the so called creative crisis. Or maybe it is.
I am never satisfied with what I have done or achieved. Of course, it is normal, we all strive for better results and perfection, but at the same time we love what we create. The thing is that I do not. I don,t like my photographs, I don,t like my writing, I don,t like my blog. Exactly the same happened to me in June, and I deleted all of the posts I,ve written in May and April.
I,m not going to delete my blog this time, because this sort of behaviour is way too primitive. It,s always easier to delete and erase everything than to find a reasonable solution. Maybe I have to take a break from taking photographs (!), who knows, maybe it will help me.

I have read somewhere that an artist should never tell people that he doesn,t like his own works. Do you think it,s right, guys?

Have a nice day,


  1. A true artist will always know that there is something more that can be perfected.....but I understand how you feel.
    I have an excellent camera, great subjects and a good eye for photography....but just a couple of weeks ago, I didn't want to take any pictures at all. I was so tired of the same old and so bored with always being behind the camera.
    So I stopped taking pictures and my sister took them.....she did really good, I got a needed break....and soon, a river enticed me to photograph it, and I was off again!
    Don't worry, you will find something new to engage your mind. We, the creative people, always do!

    ps.....sorry for the long post :( ooops!

  2. I believe there is nothing wrong with wanting to do your best with everything, I feel this way all the time and when I fall short of my expectations, (It happens to all of us) I have a novel that is doing this to me I feel I cant move past it because I need it to be perfect and right now its not, I remind my self, before I either tear it up or hide it away, that we grow and mature and sometimes the things that were hard for us were the steeping stones to that next level, I try and keep my imperfect work and look back on it to remind me just that. i think there is a creative bug going around I have been feeling very dry creatively speaking lately nothing seems to be turning out as I planned and I cant find the right words or my pencil wont draw the correct figure, and lots of other bloggers I follow said the same thing all uninspired. Strange, I'm not sure why it would be bad to tell someone you are dissatisfied with your own work, I don't see it as a problem. I hope you feel inspired soon I know how frustrating it can be.
    Rachel Hope

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  4. I love your pictures!
    The cats you photograph are very interesting and cute:)
    I have really enjoyed your blog!

  5. My goodness, I LOVE the cat's eyes. I also think that I could comment on about all of your posts... :) Your pictures are truly amazing.


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