Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to you all!
We don,t celebrate it in Russia tonight but I love the catholic Christmas traditions and I think it,s right to celebrate it before the new year comes. I hope you,ll have an amazing evening with your beloved ones and will find lots of cute presents under the Christmas tree!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Random Thoughts

Hey guys, how are you doing? Are you ready for Doomsday Christmas?

Although I,m not in the Christmas mood (as usual, I always have trouble getting into the Christmas spirit) I,ve been quite happy lately, happy and satisfied with my life. Where did this happiness come from? Maybe this is exactly what one should feel when Christmas approaches?
I smile on my way to school, smile when I walk with my dog, when my nose is almost freezed off because it,s 20 below zero, smile when I look out of the window and see the snow falling slowly... I have to hide my smile with a scarf because this really looks odd I quess. So, maybe I have already got into the Christmas spirit?

I,m having a lot of tests at school as the term is coming to it,s end. Today I had an English test that meant writing an essay on a controvercial issue. Shopping was the topic this time: on-line or traditional? I tried to prove that on-line shopping is a lot more convenient just because I knew the arguments ( entering Christmas giveaways made me read a lot about on-line shops).
There,s only one more test to pass (Russian) and I will be absolutely free. My gosh, this made me smile again!

I,ve been meaning to show you handmade jewelry made by my classmate Alyona for quite a while. I had the privilege to photograph these cuties and this is what I came up with :)

Have a nice day!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Birthday Cat

It,s Liza,s birthday today ( Wish you all the best, dear!) and here is the birthday card that I drew specially for her. I couldn,t wait to share these photos (sorry for the bad lighting) with you as this seems to be my best drawing so far.

Last weekend I cleaned my workspace to make my room look a bit prettier and not that messy because the New Year is approaching and I want everything to look neat. Quess what? The mess is back, which is no big surprise: I,m a very disorganized person when it comes to keeping my room clean.

Have a nice day!


Sunday, December 9, 2012


I know that there is no snow where many of you live and I wanted to share some winter beauty with you. Here we have too much snow.
I recorded these videos yesterday while walking with my dog although it was quite difficult to keep my camera safe. I simply couldn,t resist capturing these beautiful snowflakes falling down. When I see snowflakes or raindrops I become a risk taker (a camera can easily get wet) but it,s always worth it.

Have a nice day,


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let It Snow

So, this time has come: winter is here! First snowfalls, candles and Christmas songs... I,ve been listening to the Let It Snow song by Ella Fitzgerald for the whole week non-stop.
I,m having a crazy school week actually, barely get any sleep and being tired and sleepy is my normal state. I struggle to understand math ( but it still seems to be incomprehensible) and strain my brain trying to analyze books ( Let,s pretend that I don,t spend hours browsing blogs or images on Pinterest.)

Next week is Liza,s birthday and I couldn,t think of anything better than drawing a cat for here. I will share the picture next week, now I can,t do that because I want to surprise her :)

Have a nice day and I hope you get more sleep than I do :)


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Currently Obsessed

I need to make a confession: I have always been positively jealous of those who are musically talented. I consider music to be the best form of self-expression and sharing your feelings with others. Beautiful music can make you feel happy or nostalgic, it can make you sad or even make you cry. Music is so powerful.

I,ve been meaning to share these songs with you for quite a while. These two are the ones that I,m currently obsessed with. They are written by Leanna and I can,t describe how much admiration I have for her. I don,t remember when exactly I stumbled across her blog but when I did I got fascinated by her tender voice.

Here are the songs and I hope you enjoy them :)

Don,t forget to check out Leanna,s blog that is called Singing in the treetops.

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When Girls Meet Tripods

It looks like another superficial post but I do have an excuse, a pretty good one. What makes this photo very special is that it was taken Yay, I finally got a tripod! These days I,ve been experimenting a lot with it trying to avoid the stupid face expression that appears every time I deal with a remote controller. This must be the first decent picture that I,ve taken by now.

I wish I could write more but I,m completely burnt out from school, now I,m going to get some good rest.

I hope you,re having a wonderful week :)


Monday, November 19, 2012


I,ve just realized that I never write anything about my trips to Finland. Probably because it,s a rare thing here in St. Petersburg when someone talks about it. For most St.Petersburg residents going to Finland doesn,t even count as going abroad because it,s really quite easy to get there: it takes about 4 hours to reach adorable small towns near the Finnish-Russian border. If you prefer travelling with comfort, you can always opt for a short cruise trip: one night on board and you are in Helsinki! Easy, comfortable and enjoyable. Firstly, it,s great because you,ve got plenty of free time to read the books that you never get to open when you,re at home. Secondly, you can buy a lot of delicious stuff in a duty free shop ( and happily consume it all in your cosy cabin, pfff...).
In the morning you get up, put on a huge scarf (what would Finnish girls wear), grab a camera and you,re ready to explore the capital of Finland.

Start your day in Helsinki with sipping capuccino in a cosy cafe. Oh, it,s such a priceless moment for all the coffee lovers like me... After that you can go shopping or visit a museum or simply walk and enjoy the jugend architecture. This weekend we were lucky to attend an awesome exhibition held at the Atenium Museum. Some of the landscapes that were exhibited blew my mind away, especially the ones by Vincent van Gogh. Some people tell it,s impossible to take eyes of them - so true! The paintings are more than impressive. they are fascinating and magical.

After visiting the museum we went shopping. What I was looking for were postcards because I love postcards and in Helsinki you can buy the most stylish ones.

Btw, I have seen Jeffrey Campbell litas. No, no, no, of course I wasn,t going to buy them, I only wanted to touch these shoes that have become so strangely popular. Actually I think they look ugly ( only Annika could make them look awesome).

The day went by very quickly but new impressions made up for it.

Friday, November 16, 2012


It,s Friday and I dug through my photo archieves again. These two images were taken on my birthday in summer. We baked the most delicious raspberry cakes!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

No Drama?

  I have no drama in my life (let,s forget for a moment that life itself is a drama) and this is what makes me even more dramatic than I used to be.

 There’s nothing to worry about (except for my finals in May, but this can wait), no thoughts that torture me (except for the ones about being uncreative but it doesn’t count as these thoughts never leave me), nothing that I suffer from (except for not having enough sleep). There’s absolutely nothing! I just live my calm life and I’m pretty happy and satisfied with it. This is what makes me very a bit suspicious.

No drama? How on earth is it possible to live without it? I know I’m supposed to enjoy this short period of time without drama, without being constantly depressed or feeling miserable. I should be grateful. But. I feel as if I were a greenhouse plant (oh, the greenhouse is so warm and nice), the plant that someone cares for and waters every day. That’s awful. I need some drama.

I used to suffer from being terribly shy but I learnt how to deal with it, I used to complain about having no friends and being all alone but I got on quite well with some girls. I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to go to Wiesbaden in summer and see my friends but my dad (who actually happens to be the best dad on earth) arranged everything. What else? I used to be super conscious about my braces but got rid of them more than a year ago. Hmm… Not to mention my love dramas. Yep, such things like love happen even to me.

Why do I need these personal dramas? The answer is very simple. Dramas make me think and sometimes even write clever words. How can I think of anything when I’m like a greenhouse plant and there’s nothing to worry about? Dramas make my brain work in order to find the answers to the countless amounts of questions. Dramas are inspiring.

 Right now I’ve got a new one: the lack of them.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Autumn/ video

On Saturday I went for a walk to capture on video the last precious moments of Autumn. The gloomy sky set a melancholy mood. It was drizzling and the raindrops that hung on the naked branches of trees looked like tears.
I had a hard time choosing the right soundtrack as the music is definitely not less important than what you see, right? Anyway, I think I found the perfect one in the end...
Hope you enjoy the film :)

Autumn from Vera Rolle on Vimeo.

music: Brian Crain - Ice

Saturday, November 3, 2012

School Girl

It,s been a pretty hectic week. I worked hard at school and I even passed my math test ( phenomenal!) but... I failed at literature. How nice! Ok, I,m just telling myself that I didn,t have enough time to revise and learn everything, isn,t it a pretty good excuse?
However, it,s all in the past now: the school term is over and I,m having holidays ( finally, finally!). It,s so good to stay at home in the morning and have a nice breakfast (not the one in a hurry) and then read, write blog posts, draw or just cuddle with my dog...

The only disappointing thing is the weather. It snowed on Tuesday and I was almost in a Christmas mood but it got warmer later this week and now there is absolutely no sign of snow. I don,t know why but I always feel happier when it snows. Maybe because the beautiful snowflakes satisfy my aesthetic sense, they make everything around look better, amost magical. The snow always makes me think positive and it brings the feeling of inner peace.

This is what I wear to school very often. I just can,t get over how lovely and fluffy this sweater is.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Today Is a Caturday

Hi, everyone!
Today is a Caturday, hehe, just because I dug through my photo archives yesterday and found this picture that was taken in spring. So, let it be Caturday.

It,s getting colder and colder outside, it even snowed last evening, can you believe in that? Snow! As if it were winter. Now I really think that this cat photography season has come to it,s end, which is a pity. It,s too cold for cats to take leisurely strolls and too cold for me to hold a camera, but who knows... Cats are the most unpredictable creatures and I remember I once saw a cat last winter that was sitting right on a snow drift. It would be a gorgeous shot but unfortunately I didn,t have a camera with me. Classic stupid situation!

Have a nice weekend!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Autumn Mood

Hi, guys,
Long time no see, right?

Fall is in full swing here but it,s been rather warm lately. I,m sad about the fallen leaves but it,s not a bad sadness, it doesn,t make me depressed at all. I even like gloomy rainy days when I can stay at home and drink camomile tea with honey and read good books.
This school term is coming to it,s end and a one week break is approaching, that,s kinda motivating.

I always feel a bit stupid for posting photos like this one... I think it does look very superficial, extremely superficial and pretentious. What do you, guys, think? Are you ok with sharing outfit pictures?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Nadya on Film

If you have ever tried to photograph people, you know how important it is to find a cooperative model. Not the one who isn,t camera shy, that,s not enough. To take a good portrait one has to find a model who can stay natural in front of the camera, which is a rare talent, I must say.
If you are new to portrait photography, then never  start with shy or reserved people. You will have to put an additional effort into making them feel more confident and won,t be able to concentrate on framing fully. The chance of taking an expressive portrait is very little in this case. You see, at least someone has to be good at what he/she is doing: if you are new to photography, finding a good model will be very helpful.
That,s what I didn,t know before my first photoshoot and therefore my first attempts at portrait photography were rather poor. An inexperienced photographer and an inexperienced model make a pretty horrible team together.

However, I,ve been rather lucky with the models lately.

This is Nadya, a girl with an awesome voice and absolutely incredible eyes, and her biggest dream is to become a singer.  She literally radiates happiness and confidence and shares her hopes and goals for the future in such a candid manner that I just can,t help but admire her.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Liza on film

There are some places that always make me desperatly wish I had a camera with me. For sure, our school physics lab belongs to such places and I really can,t account for this but every time I enter it I get utterly inspired and lots of photo shoot ideas start to germinate in my mind, sometimes they are pretty vague but sometimes I know exactly what I want to get. I only realized that a couple of weeks ago. It was a very very boring lesson and suddenly I found myself thinking about how perfectly soft the light from huge windows was. Luckily, I had a chance to stay and take some portraits there last week, otherwise I would have gone crazy.

This is Liza and I have always wanted to photograph her. She is a very clever and determined girl, a true inspiration.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Sea Never Sleeps


Hi, everyone! Long time no see...
It,s just a very quick update as I,m taking a break from doing stupid homework but I,ve done several portrait series recently and will make up for the lack of posts soon, I promise :)

Hope, you are having a nice  week!
Big hugs!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rainy Days

It has been a rainy day today. Exactly one of those days when you think that it,s impossible to find any cats outside but this is a kind of a stereotype. Actually, rainy weather has it,s benefits and one of them is that cats feel uncomfortable hiding in the bushes and try to find benches to nestle. Then an odd girl with an odd clicking object comes and does weird things and wants cats to look at her. If they do, she is happy.

Friday, September 28, 2012


Today I define myself as a girl who caught a cold. What? School? Nooo, no school for me today, I need a day off really badly.
Today I spent the whole morning with a pencil in my hand and here,s what I came up with. For sure, the upper picture shows me after an exhausting school day :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Striking Contrast

This week has been extremely hectic, as if life wanted to prove me that the last school year isn,t something that one can enjoy.
Long boring classes (except English), then long boring extra maths and literature lessons, then I come home insanely tired... What is more, I have to do a great deal of homework every day. I just wonder, how I am supposed to take care of my health? I barely find time to jog and exercise and also it,s difficult to maintain healthy eating habits due to my crazy schedule. Needless to say that not getting enough sleep definitely doesn,t affect me in a positive way.

I,ve been meaning to write a good text for my blog and some ideas even started to germinate in my mind but right now I,m really too exhausted to write anything logical. It,s like thoughts wander around my head all the time but I just cannot put them together.

All photos were taken in Wiesbaden by my dear friend Evgenia on a perfect sunny day.
All that happy days in Wiesbaden and my present school life... Quite a striking contrast.

Have a nice day, everyone!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Because It,s Autumn

So, once again, I,m terribly sorry for the lack of posts lately. It all started with heading off to Greece and having a well-deserved rest there and then suddenly it was time to go to school and suddenly I found out that it was September already. It,s a pity that we cannot turn back time, there,s only one thing left to say: this Summer was an amazing one, probably the best one in my entire life, so much has happened and I hope life won,t slow down just because it,s Autumn.

School. Since this is my last school year, I do my best to make it a good one. I try to create a more positive attitude toward school life and to be more organised. I start every school year with the highest intentions but as the days go by my enthusiasm dies down. This is what happens every year but definitely not this one, now I really see the finish line, so to say, and it keeps me motivated. Of course I have to work hard to prepare for exams but I even... kinda like it.

Unfortunately, due to the school I don,t have much free time to update this blog  but, anyway, I,ll try to post at least once a week.

P.S. Oh, did I mention that you can now like Witness The Miracle on facebook?

Wish you a good Sunday!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guess who,s back again

Hi, everyone!
I,m terribly sorry for my unexpectedly long absence, life,s been crazy lately. The last year of school began and I do my best to stay positive about it although sometimes it,s not that easy.
I promise, I,ll come back with a better blog post soon, today it,s  just a really quick update, but I,ve got something to show you.
Look, I met this cutie by sheer chance today, no sooner had I pushed the shutter button than this lovely creature ran away. It,s pure luck that I managed to get a sharp picture.

Hope, you,re having a nice week!



Friday, August 24, 2012

Someone who is so hard to say goodbye to.

In my everyday life I rarely hang out with friends. Partly because I live a bit too far from where others do, partly because every time I listen to the random gossip I get utterly bored, it seems to be such a waste of time.
However, in Wiesbaden it was different. I came to this city with one particular goal: to see my friends who I,d been missing so badly. This is Evgenia and she was my first exchange partner. Luckily, she can speak Russian but other friends of mine do not and they have become my biggest motivation.

For sure, travelling gives the best motivation to learn languages. Travelling abroad makes you see that without language skills you are helpless.
I realized that when I came to Germany for the very first time more than two years ago. My A1 level of German was not enough to understand even the simplest conversations. The most annoying thing about being a girl with this stupid A1 level is that everyone who gets the satisfying "She speaks German just a little bit" answer starts discussing you with your exchange partner and stares at you as if you were an exhibited object. Of course, I,d been an encouraged German learner before but this trip to Wiesbaden was an extra push that I needed.
This year I could say with a certain amount of self-confidence that my German had become better. I speak not so well, not so fluently, but the progress is obvious.
Weird, but people tend to underestimate my language skills, some even prefer talking to me in English. Ok, ok, I do not mind it: English practice is always a good thing, even if you are in Germany.

Every time I get a chance to show what I have learnt and every time I see that people understand me, I feel almost euphoric. It gives me personal fulfillment and the feeling of happiness. This feeling keeps me motivated. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The weather in Wiesbaden is pretty weird. When you go out early in the morning it,s so cold that all you dream about is a cup of hot Latte. After 13 o,clock it gets warmer and then it gets very hot: the temperature rises up to 30°C and you spend the rest of the day dying of heat, sweating non-stop and dreaming of ice cream. Then at night it rains. Getting dressed in the morning was a big problem because of this stupid weather.

I had German classes every morning. On the very first day all new students wrote a test that was supposed to show their level of German and according to results they were divided into different groups. It was surprising but I managed to write this test better than others and therefore I got into the C1 group, which was flattering of course. Actually, I don,t think that I can speak German that well. German clasees were a real pleasure because of the friendly and relaxed atmosphere and awesome teachers.

Our school was situated near the Hauptbahnhof, right in the city centre and I could easily reach all places of interest. To be honest, I hate being guided around monuments and other historic places, I prefer exploring cities on my own, like a local: walking through the streets, discovering secret places that tourists never get to know... I was enjoying being perfectly independent. Actually Wiesbaden is rather small but it lies at the foot of the wooded Taunus hills and narrow streets go up and down all the time, which makes getting home a pretty good workout.

It might seem sometimes that Wiesbaden consists only of bakeries and coffee shops. Ok, and also of ice cream cafes. You feel the alluring smell of just-backed buns, muffins and croissants and see people eating all that delicious things everywhere. I must admit that I spent my first week in Wiesbaden drinking coffee and trying everything that looked tasty enough.

I would like to stay sceptical and say that I hate Starbucks but it would not be true, I really love it. It must be the loveliest place in the city where you can get cozy on a sofa and have a great time catching wi-fi and drinking a perfect Latte, listening to nice music and observing other people and simply enjoying being the part of this wonderful world (read: Germany).

What to say about the clothes that Germans wear? If you look at people passing by, you notice soon that a typical German girl wears Converse sneakers, denim shorts, a tee-shirt and a Longchamp shopper bag. That,s it. Effortlessly chic. Comfort is key. However, sometimes you can see really strange and completely inappropriate outfits: some girls wear black tights and boots when it,s 30°C, some of them put on scarves. Ah, and one more thing. They seem to be huge fans of wearing leggings as pants.

What else to say? Wiesbaden is Wiesbaden and it,s beautiful. My heart will always yearn for it and I hope that I will come back one day.