Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let It Snow

I got up early in the morning and was very quite irritated because I didn,t get enough sleep, as usual, actually. Then I looked out of the window and saw... You,ll never guess! I saw the snow covering everything :) It was marvellous to see white roofs and trees.
My mood improved right away. I had my breakfast quickly, then got dressed, grabbed a camera and went out to take some photographs. The lighting was amazing, but unfortunately I didn,t have much time as I had to go to school, pfff...

This is the last school week before winter holidays, by the way :)

Have a nice day,


  1. We don't have snow yet. :( Yours looks so pretty!

  2. We had snow here, but it is mostly gone now. :( But I am thankful to God for the little bit that we had. It was beautiful and I took a picture of it on my blog.
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