Friday, November 4, 2011

random pics

Hi, dear readers!
I decided it was the right time to have some rest from my cat photos and Wiesbaden memories and to upload some pics which were taken during the past week.

On the first photo I,m with my aunts, kitty. They used to love cats but never had any pets and this autumn they took the plunge. This sweet creature used to be homeless and lived not far from their house and one day they noticed one of his legs was broken. They took him home and now he is absolutely healthy and very playful, and I,m so happy for him!
It has always been my dream to take a street cat or dog home, but I,m quite reasonable to understand that having one lovely dog is definitely enough for a person who lives in a small flat.

Unfortunately, the lighting was terrible and I couldn,t take any better pics of this guy.

Here are some pics from Finland :)

Kidding, just kidding, really! Having fun with Osya :)

The woman from a supermarket was giving out roses. Don,t know why she was doing that, but it was very nice anyway to get such wonderful flowers.


  1. Wonderful photos from Filand. This country is in my trip list for next summer

  2. Wonderful photos. I really like your portraits with the cat and the dog.

  3. I love flowers! :)
    And you are so gorgeous Vera!
    thanks for the comment!

  4. Lovely series of photos! You look great :-)


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