Tuesday, November 8, 2011

All the crazy thoughts that come after reading books by Dale Carnegie

Dear readers,
I have to tell you that I decided to take a break from blogging. There,s nothing wrong with you or with my passion for photography but I need some time to concentrate on my real life and to think. Seriously, I need more time for thinking.
Lately I,ve realized random thoughts that come to my mind every day are very stupid. Who,s that girl who constantly think about other bloggers, what to post tomorrow, what to wear, what to do not to look like a complete fool and so on, and so on?... I,m too obsessed with all that. I don,t want to think about what doesn,t really matter. Sometimes I have only one dream: to think about nothing for some time.
I have this blog for already seven months and I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and pictures with you but now I feel the need to take a break. From everything. From all inspiring ( Maybe there was too much inspiration for me, heh, inspiration isn,t always a good thing.) blogs and from the Internet. I don,t want to stare at the screen all days long anymore. That,s not good. Both for my eyesight and for my mental health.
I actually do not know for how long will I keep away from my laptop but I,m planning not to browse any blogs during the next two weeks.
Sure, I will miss all of you but hope, after the break I,ll be able to put even more effort into this blog.

Have a nice day and don,t forget that I,ll be back in two weeks! :)


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  1. Wow, what a coincidence, I feel the exact same way! I also realized I need a break from blogging and simply staring at the computer all day.


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