Saturday, October 15, 2011

When leaves are falling down...

I thought there were too much cat photos this week and hope, you don,t mind me sharing these pics :)
Know what? It was snowing! Actually, it can,t be called the real snow but you can see it on this pictures, that small white grains!

Have a nice weekend,


  1. i love your outfit!
    that scarf looks incredibly warm

  2. классная такааая

  3. Lovely photos! I really like those boots and that cowl!

  4. Great pictures!! So pretty :) P.S. Thanks for stopping by last month, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! Anyway these really are lovely!

  5. Just beautiful! Oh, how I long for some snow. We never get it here.

  6. I can't believe it snowed! I would have died! Haha!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  7. Pretty photos! You look very warm and toasty! x

  8. Hello back Vera, (augh I can't get over your name. It is too awesome)
    Firstly unfortunately I don't have a facebook (I know how weird ;)) but I do have an email. It's

    Oh please, your writing is amazing, especially since it's not your first language. I am really astounded. And your pictures... Sigh, your pictures are beyond awesome.

    I especially love these ones. You are so beautiful. And the pictures are awesome. So here's a first question for you, what's the weather like there? Is it cold? I'm sorry the first question is so boring but it will get better. ;)

    P.S. it's so awesome you can actually see the snow. Living in hawaii I don't see snow falling much =)

  9. замечательные фото!!!

  10. Aww yah i can see the snow!! would you send me a little´s getting hot in argentina and i love autumn :/

  11. Your outfit is so cozy and cute, I love your boots! Lovely photos, I can see the snow :)

  12. The bokeh is dreamy! I love it! You're really pretty, by the way! :)


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