Tuesday, October 4, 2011

weekend in the country

A few words about the last weekend in the country.
Well, the weather wasn,t fine at all. It was rainy, windy and cold. Not a great weather for walking with a camera but I managed to finish my text about Wiesbaden. This month I,m obsessed with writing short texts about my life and everything I,m interested in. ( Sorry, I write that "I,m obsessed" in every single post but I really am!) I notice more and more often that my English is far from being perfect but, you know, without that bad written texts it will never improve.

Back to the weekend. This is actually a sad story.
The village where our country house is situated is surrounded by dense forests. Foxes, wolves, bobcats and even bears can be found there. It,s not a joke, my granny once saw a bobcat right in the village and several years ago wolves killed her dog.
My granny used to have 3 lovely kitties. This Summer two of them disappeared. They just didn,t return home one day. This is nature, but gosh, that two kitties were the sweetest creatures ever!

The one cat which is still alive, the oldest one, has a kitten. This baby is just way too playful! He was active and spirited for the whole night. How can anybody fall asleep when a small naughty kitten is playing??? Guess what? Right! In the morning I found him sleeping!
Moreover, it turned out he was camera shy!
To get better lighting I took him outside and asked my mom to hold him because I didn,t want this guy to run away. That all was a drama for him as he was outside for the first time in his entire life. I had only about a minute to take some pics of the kitten because he started to meow and scream. I guess, no one can stand a screaming little kitten!

Have a nice day,



  1. I can't even imagine what I would do if one of my kitties would disappear. They are my life. They play outside every day and come in when the sun goes down, so every time the sun starts to set I get terribly worried - "what if they don't come in today? What if something's happened?!" I couldn't stand it. I'm so, so sorry about your granny's cats, that's absolutely awful.

    The photos are amazing as always, that kitten is too adorable!

    It's great that you write stories about your life, I've been doing that since I was a kid and eventually I turned into my profession. And noone is perfect at a second language from the beginning, just like you I practice and practice to improve my English as much as possible!

    Much love,

  2. oh thanks!
    you are very love (i n
    don´t now, if it´s the right word, but in german it is "hübsch") ;)
    i like your blog, so i followed you and i can practise my english!

  3. I think your English is amazing! My friend actually is Russian--but her mum is English and so she speaks fluent English--and she has being trying to teach me a few phrases. It's so hard, and I can't imagine being able to write what you have written in Russian, or in German which I'm studying at school. In fact, all I can say in russian is 'I will kill you boatman' and 'panda'. Not very useful!
    And the cat is adorable.

  4. very nice, you are charming))

  5. Annika, thank you for your inspiring comment!

    Feel your heart beet!, thanks for commenting, I also learn German, so I understand what you mean :)

    Libby, haha, "I,ll kill you boatman" makes me smile!

    Thank you, Annushka!

  6. aww, such a cute photo of the kitten (or cat)


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