Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hope, you all had a wonderful weekend!

Today my sweetheart came back from the countryside where he had spent about 5 months with my grandmother! He has to get used to living in a flat :) I guess, it,s not so easy.
In the evening I,ll help him to take a bath because there are so many fleas in his fur! I can,t even imagine how so many fleas can live in one dog,s fur! Hope, my sweety will get rid of all that jumping insects after taking a bath!

A few days ago Rebekah ( Check out her blog, her writing is amazing!) asked me about the weather in St. Petersburg. Well, it has become very cold already. I rains and there are practically no sunny days. I,m not a fan of such weather, it makes me upset and bored but this is autumn, anyway.

I,ll talk to you soon, have a nice day,


  1. I love your scarf and boots! nice outfit :)

  2. Firstly, I'm very flattered that I'm featured in this post. Heehee, I kinda grinned like an idiot for a bit after reading my name, I was like, me? But thank you for answering my idle curiosity. Yes, I know what you mean about rainy weather, unlike most people it doesn't make me want to curl up and drink hot chocolate, rather it makes me think about our animals who are no doubt getting soaked outside. And contrary to popular belief, Hawaii is not all sunshine (yup I live in Hawaii).

    But anyways, I love you picture as always, and your outfit is especially cute (I'm really loving the boots). Aww... your sweetheart is adorable, too.

    Anyways, next question, is St. Petersburg a big city or what? Of course I'm ignorant of tons of things therefore I will be bothering you with a lot of questions. ;)

  3. Very nice: style, photos, blog!


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