Friday, September 9, 2011

Mola Kaliva and my boring school days

Hi, darlings! For today I have some more photos which were taken in a small town or, better to say, village: I just don’t know how should this beautiful place be defined better.  The only thing I know exactly is that this place is called Mola Kaliva! Mola Kaliva is really very quiet and I even didn’t see any people there, only one man in the supermarket where I bought some juice. I’m in love with Mola Kaliva! I wish I could live there…yeah, one can dream, haha!

The day at school was extremely boring. I got up at 7am. Do you know why I did it? I do not. I can,t explain myself why should I get up so early and go to school and who makes me doing that! Yeah, I know, I,m so original, like every student. The only thing I like about going to school is that I have 6 English lessons per week. Actually, when I started blogging, I thought that writing posts here would help me to improve my English and it really works! ( At least I didnt forget every single english word during the Summer!) I hope, English lessons will help me to write more interesting posts!

Good night and have a nice day tomorrow! ( Not like mine: I,m having 6 boring lessons tomorrow and that,s on Saturday!)



  1. i adore these photos. have an awesome day (:
    THERES NO WAY YOU LIVE IN RUSSIA!?!!? I love russia. I wanna go. I wanna go. I'm sorry, please forgive me.


    [thanks for visiting me. x) ]

  2. Lovely Shots! Haha, school is sometimes really boring, I agree too, but I used to LOVE school when I was in Singapore. :)

  3. amazing pics!!! your blog is wonderful

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