Monday, August 8, 2011

Will I miss them?

Hello, my dears! Long time has passed since my latest post, sorry, sorry, I,ll try to post as often as possible, really :)
These past few days I,m sooo excited! Today is the last day I,m wearing braces! Ahhh! I can,t wait :) So, guys, tomorrow I,ll show you my beautiful smile ;) Well, I,m joking, it,s just a common smile like many people do have, but still... I even can hardly imagine my face without that ugly braces, haha :) Oh, I always wanted to know what do people feel when they get rid of braces. Well, I got used to them. Will I miss them? Hope no, and I,m sure, I won,t :)

Big Hugs!

last day
last day


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