Saturday, August 20, 2011

let me tell you

Hello, my dear readers!
No photos today, my laptop works extremely slow and I can upload nothing. But I promise, soon I,ll show you pics of the cutest cat ever! ( creative crisis is over!) I,ve taken photos of that kitty just half an hour ago and I,m really proud of them! ( How modest I am! Another thing is that I cannot stand the photos taken by me 3 or 4 months ago! I begin to ask myself : " Were all these pics taken by ME? Really? How can it be possible?" And that,s even if I used to love them when they were just taken...) 

Guys, I really didn,t want to create a new post only to write about pics which I can,t show you. I wanted to tell you what happened this evening. I was walking as usual with a camera, I call it "my work". I guess, everybody dreams about such a lovely work when all you have to do is to walk and take some shots! Great!

Actually, I didn,t want to joke. When I was walking I noticed a beautiful cat with... paralyzed paws. I wanted to cry when I saw that lovely fluffy kitty sitting near the road, unable to move. I still remember how much desperation was in her yellow eyes. Beautiful cat eyes.
I hate the world where I live in when I see smth like that. It,s so hard to think that an innocent kitty suffers! There is so much pain in my chest.

Yesterday I was near the scrapyard. ( Do you remember this post?) I saw so many small kitties! Small babies who do not know what kindness means! No one loves them exept their poor mother who will leave them in winter to bring up new kittens. Most of them are already injured, some of them cannot see. Why do people buy all that pedigreed cats when there are so many kitties who need a roof over the head?! I can,t understand it! I just cannot!

When I was shooting this cat I noticed an old man who was staying not far from me. I didn,t pay any attention to him. He was just looking at me. Then he asked me if I was shooting for the TV programm. - "Unfortunately, no," - I answered. Usually I never talk to strangers, but that old man seemed to be very kind. "Why are you shooting them?" - he asked. "Just for my pleasure"- I told him. And we had a lovely dialog:
- Do you have a cat at home? 
-No. I,d love to, but I have a dog.
-Is your dog pedigreed?
- No.
- Good. It must be the best dog!
- Oh yes!
- What,s your name?
- You really need it?
- No. Well... You remind me very much of my daughter. Good luck!
- Thank you. Good bye!

It was so nice to meet that old man! When strangers wish me good luck, I feel like I,m really very happy and lucky!

Guys, I,m so glad that I wrote this post! Sorry for my poor English :)



  1. Wow I love those cat photos! You're a great photographer.

    That's so funny about the old man... I've had people ask weird questions too. I guess when they see a fancy camera, they just have to assume!

    PS Thanks for your comment! :)


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