Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello, darlings! I,m very sorry because I won,t be able to post next two days, so, I decided to post some pics today.
Back to cats! ( When have I become a cat photographer? Really, I used to shoot only flowers! ) I have tons of cat photos on my laptop. Usually I try to post pictures as soon as possible. It means that if I shoot smth, I,ll try to post photos on the same day. But sometimes I,m too tired for that or I just have problems with the Internet Access or I have some other reasons not to post ( That days I miss my blog and you, my readers, badly! ). So, these are pics that were taken long time ago :) Hope, you enjoy them!
Big Hugs!

This cat below reminds me very much of a lion :)

Now off I go, my mom is waiting for me, we are going to the countryside again!


  1. so glad you are having a trip to the country! the calico cat is my favorite in this series :)

  2. You catch their essence so well. I hope your trip is very enjoyable!

  3. These pics are really beautiful! Which camera are you using?

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments!

    I use Canon 550D and 50mm lens :)

  5. Great shots Vera - love your choice of dof !

  6. You have such wonderful photographs! Followed you and can't wait to see more :) Take care!~

  7. Thank you for following and commenting! :))


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