Saturday, August 13, 2011


Last two days were rainy and it is still raining now. It even seems that Autumn has already come. But it,s our cold August. Wow. Great. Summer.
I got up at 8 am. Smth happened to me this Summer. Usually I sleep till 11.
But I can say say that getting up early has obvious advantage: I have more time for taking photos!  Today I went to fields and got wet to the skin :)

On Thursday I took photos of my aunt Darya, Talking about my aunt I have to mention that actually I have two aunts and they are twins. You could see one of them already if you are following me.
This time I wanted to create smth extremely russian. My aunt Darya is the best model for this photoshoot, she is a real russian girl. She is beautiful and shy. 

I know, I have so much to learn about shooting portraits! I see how imperfect they are, every shot teaches me smth. Please, comment on these portraits, I want to know, what,s on your mind! :)

Big Love,


  1. these pictures are so pretty! love how natural they are!

  2. I like the different poses and the light in the 4th one down. She is very pretty!

  3. красивые фотографии!))

  4. Thank you all! I appreciate all your comments so much!

  5. I'm not sure what a 'real Russian girl' should look like but you captured her expressive face very nicely !

  6. i think they are lovely portraits!

  7. Thank you, Leslie!
    And Rick, for all your comments! :)


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