Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Angry girl and cats

Hi) Here are just some shots I,ve taken today.
And I,m very angry: taking pics as well as walking in the village is getting more and more annoying! That,s not because of the bad weather ( although it,s really really bad these days). The problem is in people. People who live in village where my countryhouse is situated. I didn,t think that my camera can attract so much atention to me. I do not mind that curious children who always ask me: "Hello, why are you taking photos of that cat?" I also do not mind people who are polite. It,s ok.
But I mean that bored guys who always shout smth like this: "Hi, girl! Take a photo of me!" or "Hello, baby" or "Hey, come hear, sweety!" and so on... Oh my God! I,m really tired of all that guys! 
What,s wrong with me? I do not wear mini-skirts or short dresses. I,m just a girl with a camera. All I can do is just to ignore them.


  1. You take the nicest pictures ... the calico kitty is so pretty.

  2. You're a pretty girl with a camera.. and you sure do take pretty pictures. I would just half smile and politely say "No thanks, I'm busy." Wonderful cat photos. Thanks for your visit to my blog. :)


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