Monday, August 29, 2011

All dreams come true...

My darling mom! ( Practiсally all photos of me on this blog are taken by my mom!) 

And me, with my favorite cup from Ikea ;)

Hi, darlings!
Here are other photos which I took in May using a film camera! I didn,t know that my film camera creats such a great bokeh!

And I have to tell you that I,m leaving St. Petersburg today! I,ll spend the whole week in Greece! Ahhh, so exciting! I can,t wait! I was dreaming about visiting Greece for so long! 
Actually, the school begins in two days already... I know, I know, don,t tell me that I,m such a lazy girl just because I,m going to miss some days of school! I need some rest and relax before that crazy school life!

I,ll miss you all, guys, and my blog!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

May memories

I finally got photos which were taken in May using a film camera!

I,ll post more photos tomorrow, so, stay tuned! :)


Friday, August 26, 2011

What means laziness?

This big grey cat always makes me laugh! Yeah, he is big and fat! And lazy! You see?

Have a nice day!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today I had a photoshoot with Kate. Actually, her name is Ekaterina but it,s too long for the English language, so, let,s call her Kate. I was so excited because I had never seen her in real life before! She is really very lovely! We were walking about an hour talking about my school ( You know what, she is going to be my classmate!).
Then it started raining and I had to go home just because I always forget my umbrella! I always do! 
Anyhow, when I came home, the storm began. I guess an umbrella wouldn,t help me if I was outside!

Here,s one of the photos I,ve taken today:

Hi! I’m finally back to St. Petersburg and I can’t say that I missed this city. I got used to living in the countryside. In the countryside you feel like you are the part of nature, you can walk and talk to the trees and no one will say you are crazy. You can wear whatever you want and no one cares. I will miss my countryside days… I will miss getting up early and having breakfast browsing lovely blogs, I will miss walking with my dog in the fields, walking with a camera looking for cats… You know, I never see cats here in the city! How can life be possible without taking photos of kitties???
By the way, my dog is still in the countryside with my granny and I miss him even much than anything else! You might be wondering, how can it be possible for a person to love both cats and dog: yes, it,s possible! I love love love them all! Lovely creatures! I just hope, I,ll spend some weekends in the countryside next month!

Not to be very boring I uploaded finally some other pics of Kesha! Brrr... It took so much time! Now you can see how really cute and playful this kitty is!

Today I have a photoshoot with one lovely girl and the most exciting thing is that I,ve never seen her in real life before! It,s gonna be a very interesting day!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Die Stadt, zu der mein Herz gehoert.

I still can,t upload any images and I decided it would be nice to post this video from Wiesbaden.
Wiesbaden... You can,t even imagine how much I miss this place! There is smth special, magical about this town! I feel like I can be myself only there.
Guys, do you have such places in the world?

Every time I see this video I become sad and melancholic... Well, I,m pretty sure, that,s because of the music by Yann Tiersen! His music makes me almost cry!

Have a nice day!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hi! My laptop still works very slow and I,m afraid it will be the same until September... It,s getting annoying!
It took me about 20 minuts to upload this image, I guess, no one wants to wait for so long! 

This kitty is very playful, just believe me, the photo doesn,t show how lovely she really is. As soon as possible I,ll upload other pics and you,ll see!
She had a collar where her name was written: Kesha.


I wanted to thank all of you for following my blog and for your comments! You make my day! Thank you! 


Saturday, August 20, 2011

let me tell you

Hello, my dear readers!
No photos today, my laptop works extremely slow and I can upload nothing. But I promise, soon I,ll show you pics of the cutest cat ever! ( creative crisis is over!) I,ve taken photos of that kitty just half an hour ago and I,m really proud of them! ( How modest I am! Another thing is that I cannot stand the photos taken by me 3 or 4 months ago! I begin to ask myself : " Were all these pics taken by ME? Really? How can it be possible?" And that,s even if I used to love them when they were just taken...) 

Guys, I really didn,t want to create a new post only to write about pics which I can,t show you. I wanted to tell you what happened this evening. I was walking as usual with a camera, I call it "my work". I guess, everybody dreams about such a lovely work when all you have to do is to walk and take some shots! Great!

Actually, I didn,t want to joke. When I was walking I noticed a beautiful cat with... paralyzed paws. I wanted to cry when I saw that lovely fluffy kitty sitting near the road, unable to move. I still remember how much desperation was in her yellow eyes. Beautiful cat eyes.
I hate the world where I live in when I see smth like that. It,s so hard to think that an innocent kitty suffers! There is so much pain in my chest.

Yesterday I was near the scrapyard. ( Do you remember this post?) I saw so many small kitties! Small babies who do not know what kindness means! No one loves them exept their poor mother who will leave them in winter to bring up new kittens. Most of them are already injured, some of them cannot see. Why do people buy all that pedigreed cats when there are so many kitties who need a roof over the head?! I can,t understand it! I just cannot!

When I was shooting this cat I noticed an old man who was staying not far from me. I didn,t pay any attention to him. He was just looking at me. Then he asked me if I was shooting for the TV programm. - "Unfortunately, no," - I answered. Usually I never talk to strangers, but that old man seemed to be very kind. "Why are you shooting them?" - he asked. "Just for my pleasure"- I told him. And we had a lovely dialog:
- Do you have a cat at home? 
-No. I,d love to, but I have a dog.
-Is your dog pedigreed?
- No.
- Good. It must be the best dog!
- Oh yes!
- What,s your name?
- You really need it?
- No. Well... You remind me very much of my daughter. Good luck!
- Thank you. Good bye!

It was so nice to meet that old man! When strangers wish me good luck, I feel like I,m really very happy and lucky!

Guys, I,m so glad that I wrote this post! Sorry for my poor English :)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

I totally forgot about this photo! I know, it,s not the best capture, but there is smth that makes me love it. Maybe the lighting. The lighting makes cat eyes look more interesting.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I got up wondering why was it so dark outside.Guess what? It,s raining! It means: no cat photos today.
 I have to go and shoot raindrops at least. It means: I,ll get wet to the skin!

You know what, I have the best, the sweetest dog ever!

Big Hugs!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

floral evening



Hello, my dear readers!
The weather was not so fine past few days and I didn,t take any cat photos. Being frustrated I told my mom how unfair the world was, I mean: poor little Vera cannot find any cats in the countryside! To improve my mood we went in the fields and took these photos.

What I wanted to tell you: THIS DRESS!
It,s such a great dress!
My granny used to wear it when she was very young and that,s what i love about it.

Guys, I,m really very sorry that I don,t have any good photos for you, let,s call it my little "creative crisis" :)

Enjoy last days of Summer!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Last two days were rainy and it is still raining now. It even seems that Autumn has already come. But it,s our cold August. Wow. Great. Summer.
I got up at 8 am. Smth happened to me this Summer. Usually I sleep till 11.
But I can say say that getting up early has obvious advantage: I have more time for taking photos!  Today I went to fields and got wet to the skin :)

On Thursday I took photos of my aunt Darya, Talking about my aunt I have to mention that actually I have two aunts and they are twins. You could see one of them already if you are following me.
This time I wanted to create smth extremely russian. My aunt Darya is the best model for this photoshoot, she is a real russian girl. She is beautiful and shy. 

I know, I have so much to learn about shooting portraits! I see how imperfect they are, every shot teaches me smth. Please, comment on these portraits, I want to know, what,s on your mind! :)

Big Love,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello, darlings! I,m very sorry because I won,t be able to post next two days, so, I decided to post some pics today.
Back to cats! ( When have I become a cat photographer? Really, I used to shoot only flowers! ) I have tons of cat photos on my laptop. Usually I try to post pictures as soon as possible. It means that if I shoot smth, I,ll try to post photos on the same day. But sometimes I,m too tired for that or I just have problems with the Internet Access or I have some other reasons not to post ( That days I miss my blog and you, my readers, badly! ). So, these are pics that were taken long time ago :) Hope, you enjoy them!
Big Hugs!

This cat below reminds me very much of a lion :)

Now off I go, my mom is waiting for me, we are going to the countryside again!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Smile without a reason why!...

Today I,m the happiest girl ever! :) I had braces about 3 years, I can hardly recognise myself in the mirror! And now I know what do people feel when they get braces off: it feels like your teeth are extremely big but you get used to that quickly :)
I just cannot consentrate now, haha, I feel the freedom!
Now off I go, I gonna drink champagne with my dear parents!
Big Hugs!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Will I miss them?

Hello, my dears! Long time has passed since my latest post, sorry, sorry, I,ll try to post as often as possible, really :)
These past few days I,m sooo excited! Today is the last day I,m wearing braces! Ahhh! I can,t wait :) So, guys, tomorrow I,ll show you my beautiful smile ;) Well, I,m joking, it,s just a common smile like many people do have, but still... I even can hardly imagine my face without that ugly braces, haha :) Oh, I always wanted to know what do people feel when they get rid of braces. Well, I got used to them. Will I miss them? Hope no, and I,m sure, I won,t :)

Big Hugs!

last day
last day

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who wants to catch a bird?

"Oh, let me yawn and we,ll start the shooting!"

"Look at me.. I,m going to catch a bird today!"

I took these shots yesterday. I was cycling with my grandfather when I saw ( oh, yes, it was after 5pm) 4 lovely cats. I left my bike and noticed that one cat was looking at the tree branches. It was a luck! She wanted to catch a bird and began to climb. I love the cat,s eyes: they are so big! :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Angry girl and cats

Hi) Here are just some shots I,ve taken today.
And I,m very angry: taking pics as well as walking in the village is getting more and more annoying! That,s not because of the bad weather ( although it,s really really bad these days). The problem is in people. People who live in village where my countryhouse is situated. I didn,t think that my camera can attract so much atention to me. I do not mind that curious children who always ask me: "Hello, why are you taking photos of that cat?" I also do not mind people who are polite. It,s ok.
But I mean that bored guys who always shout smth like this: "Hi, girl! Take a photo of me!" or "Hello, baby" or "Hey, come hear, sweety!" and so on... Oh my God! I,m really tired of all that guys! 
What,s wrong with me? I do not wear mini-skirts or short dresses. I,m just a girl with a camera. All I can do is just to ignore them.