Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sweet Sixteen!


Happy and out of focus! :)

Hello, my dear readers!
I know I,m a little bit late with this post about my Birthday, I didn,t have my laptop for 3 days and have spent 3 amazing days without the Internet, you know, we,re all a little bit addicted to the Internet :)
The only problem was that I couldn,t read lovely messages from my friends and tell them: thank you all!
Ok, about my Birthday :) It was a wonderful hot day and it was really really sweet! That cake from the first photo was very very yummy! I spent that day with my parents as I do not like all that crazy parties with friends, it,s not mine.
My exchange partner from Germany has Birthday on the same day! Maybe that,s why we are so close and have so much in common. If you read it, dear, Happy Birthday to you! I love you sooo much! <3
Evgenia and me in spring 2010 when she came to St. Petersburg.

My first day in Wiesbaden with my exchange partner :) Ich liebe dich <3

This year I came to Wiesbaden again to see her, I love you, my sweetheart! You,re the best exchange partner in the world!

Big Hugs!

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