Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A real cat,s story found!

Hi) Today I post pics of this big grey cat and this is exactly what I was looking for! A charismatic cat with it,s own story!
I saw this cat for the first time when I was walking with my friends. I tried to take some photos but he was afraid of us. Ok, I was told thousand times that it,s better to walk with a camera alone to capture smth really interesting! That lovely cat ran away and since then I wished to see him once more. He has so fluffy paws that we called him "a bear".
Next time I was walking alone looking for new cats and how lucky I was when I noticed my "bear" cat sleeping on a bench! Haha, truly, I was sooo happy! A chance that I couldn,t miss!
By the way, I,ve realized recently that with my new camera I take photos of cats more and more often :)
"Bear" woke up and began to yawn. Oh,"Bear", thank you, thank you!
A passerby told me that the name of the cat was Kuzya. His owner died and now all people from the house where he used to live feed him and take care of him. It,s smth better than to be a homeless cat. I like that people in the countryside are so kind and do not leave even animals in troubles.


  1. Great capture !
    Greetings from France...


  2. I love grey cats! This one is gorgeous

    Come follow my blog hun :)

  3. спасибо)
    хорошо фотографируешь, добавляю тебя)

  4. i LOVE bear-the-cat's white toothed yawn!

  5. you captured images excellently! i just love it. <3

  6. Супер! Вторая ооочень понравилась!


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