Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One day before I,m 16!

Hello, my dear readers! Tomorrow I,ll be 16 and I,m so happy about it!
So, today my friend Anastasia went with me for a walk and I,ve taken some shots of her.
If you read it, dear, thank you for a nice day! It was like a Birthday present for me!

Here I am, sitting on the tree ;)

I was so happy when I found these vintage sunglasses! My mom used to wear them when I was very very small. 

I got mustaches!



Big Hugs!


  1. In my country we call that birthday the "Sweet Sixteen." So, Happy Sweet Sixteenth birthday to you! You are beautiful and I wish you all good things on your special day.

  2. thank you! :)

    "Sweet Sixteen" sounds great!

  3. Birthday blessings for your sweet 16th birthday. Your photos are great.

  4. Just found your blog
    love it

    Check out my new post: Red Lips
    Would love to have you as a follower

  5. Happy belated 16th Birthday! Hope you had a great time :-)


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