Sunday, July 3, 2011

gueen of fields

Yes, yes, yes! Here I really feel like I,m the queen of fields! ( not very modest, right?) When I walk in that fields every day with my camera I,m the happiest person in the world. But I walk and see no one else. I,m always interested if anybody also notice all that nature beauty that I enjoy everyday. I,ve never seen someone holding a camera. It seems strange to me. Such a lovely, breathtaking, beautiful countryside and nobody who wants to capture it. How can it be possible?
Last year I,ve been given a book about this neighborhood. Our village is called Beseda and here is situated an agricultural College. That College is very old, it,s a huge, impressive brick building, it was build before the World War 2. It attracts some visitors to our village and makes it notable. In that book it was also written  about ancient Slavic tribes that used to live here many centuries ago. So,now I,m not going to speak about that tribes of course, it,s a topic for another post, here I,m going to speak about photos ;)
There were lots of pictures in that book. Ok, that,s good…But! That photos were awful! When I  was reading that book I wanted to cry! How much I love that places! How many photos of them I have! I know every house here! Every tree, every cat… ( yes, “cat,s story” began here) Everything could be ok with that photos but even the quality was poor. Be sure, I envy a person who had a chance to take photos for that book. I,m disappointed: he came here with a camera but the results were more than bad.
Ohhhh, let it be so. I just know that I,m the gueen of these fields!
Big Hugs!

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