Saturday, July 16, 2011

Get your name!

There are lots of cats that are just usual cats. But sometimes if you,re lucky enough you can find a charismatic one. That are cats that have lots of personality.
My aunt tells me that if I shoot so many street cats I can give them names already. How? Use your very first impression! Ok, my first impressions sound always like this: "OH!!! A CAT!" My second impressions are more reasonable but I can do nothing with the fact that they often remind me of other animals.
Black cat on the first photo reminds me of an angry dog :)
The second cat looks like a tiger, maybe that,s because of his stripes, and I love his eyes so much!


  1. love your pictures and your blog! these cats are so cute!!

  2. Nice blog. :))

    If you want, follow me and I'll follow you back. :)


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